Lighthouse Week

The 2020 Lighthouse Week!


In 2020, we are reintroducing the cbttraining Lighthouse Week. Since the first Lighthouse Week in 2010, we have held a week’s Lighthouse training in August, which is dedicated to:

  1. Leading edge developments in therapy and therapist training
  2. Focus on a key theme (in 2020, experiential training in Compassion Focused Therapy)
  3. Building relationships amongst the community of practitioners during our week together

In 2020, the key themes of the Lighthouse Week are: Compassion Focused Therapy, Self-practice/self-reflection training, and Chairwork. These are all featured in James and Tobyn’s latest writings:

Bell, T., Montague, J., Elander, J. & Gilbert, P. (in press): “A definite feel‐it moment”: Embodiment, externalisation and emotion during chair‐work in compassion‐focused therapy. Counselling & Psychotherapy Research.

Bennett-Levy, J. & Haarhoff, B. (2019). Why therapists need to take a good look at themselves: Self-practice/self-reflection (SP/SR) as an integrative training strategy for evidence-based practices. In Dimidjian, S. (ed.) Evidence-based practice in action: Bridging clinical science and intervention (pp. 380-394). Guilford, New York.

Kolts, R., Bennett-Levy, J., Bell, T., & Irons, C. (2018). Experiencing compassion-focused therapy from the inside out: A self-practice/self-reflection workbook for therapists. New York: Guilford.

Although the Lighthouse Week workshops can be taken individually (1 day, 2 day, 2 day), we encourage participants, if they can, to do the full week. To this end, we plan to reserve 50% of places for the 5-day Lighthouse Week participants.

The Lighthouse Week workshops are:

10 Aug: The Underpinnings of Compassion Focused Therapy (1 day)
11-12 Aug: Experiencing Compassion Focused Therapy for Ourselves: A Self-practice/self-reflection Workshop
13-14 Aug: Honing our [Compassion Focused] Therapy skills with Chairwork

Do give the Lighthouse Week full consideration – we know that therapy folk find combination of contemporary training and a week in Byron is pretty damn good way to learn and relax! And there is a considerable price discount for booking the full week.

And if you can’t make the Lighthouse Week, you might consider the 5-day Mindful Self-compassion Intensive. That week has many of the same qualities.