Experiencing Compassion-focused ACT

Experiencing Compassion-focused ACT from the Inside Out: An Integrative Workshop for Therapists

Workshop presenter – Dennis Tirch

Compassion. We all know it’s an important part of therapy relationship.  But recent advances in psychological research, theory and practice have suggested that compassion may be one of the most important processes in psychotherapeutic effectiveness.

How can we develop our own capacity to harness compassion in psychotherapy and daily life? Research increasingly shows that if therapists want to deepen their understanding of a therapy and develop a more nuanced set of skills as therapists, then experiencing that therapy ‘from the inside out’ is one of the best ways to do so.

Experiencing from the Inside Out also affords therapists the opportunity to make changes that may be of personal as well as professional benefit.

In this first workshop in the 2017 Experiencing from the Inside Out series, Dr. Dennis Tirch will offer a 3 day self-practice/self-reflection (SP/SR) workshop for therapists who want to supercharge their therapy through a direct experience of compassion-focused ACT. Personal practice forms the core of the workshop; rather than just learning how to use these techniques in therapy, participants will benefit from the personal practice of a blend of core compassion-focused therapy, mindfulness and ACT practices.

The workshop will have the quality of a retreat – a retreat where the centrepiece is communication, verbal and nonverbal, and self-reflection. This is a workshop for those who are already working as therapists, and have some familiarity with ACT principles and strategies – and a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time learning with one of the world’s leading practitioners in ACT and Compassion-focused Therapies.


This workshop provides a rare opportunity in a safe environment for therapists to experience ACT and Compassion-focused therapy approaches for themselves, in order to:

  1. Develop and use self-compassion and other directed compassion to facilitate personal growth and increasing effectiveness as therapists.
  2. Understand and practice a range of compassion focused imagery practices for themselves and their clients.
  3. Practice and develop mastery in self-practice/self-reflection methods that can lead to meaningful growth as a person and therapist.
  4. Internalize, teach and apply the fundamentals of an evolutionary model of compassionate flexibility that represents optimal human psychological functioning in action
  5. Integrate compassion focused methods into the practice of ACT, CBT and other psychotherapy modalities.
  6. Further develop and augment their mindfulness, acceptance and self-compassion imagery practice through advanced meditative and self-reflection techniques.
  7. View the psychotherapy process from the viewpoint of their clients with greater empathy, sensitivity and sympathy; having experienced their best practices “from the inside out.”

Venue: The venue for the workshop is in the centre of Byron Bay:

Byron Bay Community and Cultural Centre
Level 1
69 Jonson St
Byron Bay NSW 2481

When? April 26-28, 9.30-5.00

Price: Early Bird – before February 1st – $795; Full price $850

The Workshop Application form is available here.

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