Past Workshops

Buddhist Psychology, Compassion Focused Therapy and ACT

Dennis Tirch
April 20-21, Brisbane
Early Bird $590 – Full price $650

Experiencing Compassion Focused ACT from the Inside Out

Dennis Tirch
April 26-28, Byron Bay
Early Bird $795 – Full price $850

Compassion Focused Therapy – Advanced Clinical Skills

Paul Gilbert with James Bennett-Levy and James Kirby
November 29-December 1, Brisbane
Early Bird – before Oct 1st – $890; Full price $950


Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre Online

Online Training
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Introduction to Compassion Focused Therapy

Paul Gilbert
November 15-17, Melbourne
Early Bird – before Oct 1st – $890; Full price $950

Compassionate Mind Training: A Personal Practice Workshop

Paul Gilbert & James Bennett-Levy
November 20-22, Byron Bay
Early Bird – before Oct 1st – $890; Full price $950