Meet our trainers

James Bennett-Levy

James Bennett-LevyJames Bennett-Levy is Professor in Mental Health and Psychological Wellbeing at the University of Sydney’s University Centre for Rural Health. He is a recognised leader in the field of therapist training. He has pioneered a self-experiential approach to therapist training, known as self-practice/self-reflection (SP/SR), and his research has provided an empirical basis for self-practice approaches to training.

Following three earlier clinical books (the Oxford Guides to Behavioural Experiments in Cognitive Therapy, 2004 …  to Low Intensity Interventions, 2010 … and to Imagery in Cognitive Therapy, 2011), he has been Series Editor for the Guilford Press’ Self-Practice/Self-Reflection series, for which he has co-written Experiencing CBT from the Inside Out: A Self-Practice Self-Reflection Workbook for Therapists (Bennett-Levy et al., 2015) and Experiencing Compassion Focused Therapy from the Inside Out: A Self-Practice Self-Reflection Workbook for Therapists (Kolts, Bell, Bennett-Levy & Irons, 2018).

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Tobyn Bell

TobynTobyn Bell is a compassion focused therapy (CFT) psychotherapist and part of the training executive for the UK Compassionate Mind Foundation. He is also a trainer, supervisor and programme-lead at the Greater Manchester Psychological Therapies Training Centre (UK).

Tobyn is co-author of the book: Experiencing Compassion Focused Therapy from the Inside Out: A Self-practice/Self-reflection Workbook for Therapists. He has published research on chairwork, imagery, CFT, and CFT supervision. He is recognized as one of the top CFT trainers in the UK and Europe.  In 2018, he ran workshops in Australia and New Zealand.

We are indeed fortunate to have him again visiting our shores.

Tina Gibson

TinaTina is an experienced and passionate Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) and Mindfulness Teacher, having facilitated programs within the Education System, Cancer Support, Women’s Health and the general community. She has a sound knowledge of health and education stemming from years of experience working with diverse populations in the roles of Kinesiologist, Health Care Worker, Rehabilitation Counsellor, Health Educator and Emergency Paramedic.

Tina has a fantastic reputation nationally and internationally as an MSC teacher, and is currently the only MSC Teacher in Australia who is certified to run Teacher Training MSC programs, having taught alongside both Kristin Neff and Chris Germer. She is also a member of the International Advisory Council for MSC and the Mindfulness Teachers’ Network SA.

Tara Hickey

TaraTara holds an honorary associate position with the University of Sydney and is a practicing clinical psychologist in Melbourne. She has been fortunate to be able to work in innovative mental health services in Australia, the UK and in New York City.

She has a broad research interest in compassion, with specific interests in (a) developing and evaluating compassion-based interventions and (b) self-practice and self-reflection for practitioners.

She has published in international journals and has presented her research findings at numerous national and international research conferences.