OCTC Online

Intermediate to Advanced Practitioners


Apply anytime. You can start OCTC online after your application has been processed.

OCTC (Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre) Online is a high level online training program designed for those who are already practicing as CBT therapists (intermediate to advanced practitioners), with evidence of prior basic training and competence in CBT.

It assumes you already understand the basics of CBT, know some of the basic techniques and conceptualisations, and are ready to move onto a more sophisticated level (e.g. it is above the PRAXIS level or the APS FPS offerings).

The OCTC online training package covers a wide range of CBT topics presented from basic to advanced levels.

Read about our formal evaluation of OCTC Online, published in Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy (2012).

The presenters are some of Europe’s top CBT therapists, who between them have written a number of highly regarded CBT books and hundreds of research papers.

For instance:

Melanie Fennell (‘Overcoming Low Self-esteem’),
Gillian Butler (‘Manage your Mind’),
Helen Kennerley (‘Overcoming Anxiety’)
Ann Hackmann (‘Oxford Guide to Imagery in Cognitive Therapy’)
David Westbrook (‘Introduction to CBT: Skills and Applications’),
Martina Mueller (‘Oxford Guide to Surviving as a Cognitive Therapist’)
James Bennett-Levy (‘Oxford Guide to Behavioural Experiments in Cognitive Therapy’)
Freda McManus (Anxiety disorders papers)
Deborah Lee (Compassionate Mind Training papers)
Norma Morrison (OCD papers)

There are plenty of demonstration role-plays, so you can see top CBT therapists demonstrating how it should be done, as well as step-by-step explanations for why they do as they do. You can view OCTC online atwww.octc.co.uk.



Full price for OCTC online from UCRH is $870 (OCTC UK current cost is $944). But for those who would like to participate in our brief program evaluation (an extra half hour of your time), the cost is $320 less. This makes it $550 for a year’s access to around 25 hours of demonstrations and presentations.

IMPORTANT: Your internet equipment – make sure it works ok!

Before committing yourself, please go to octc.co.uk, then link to Training and try out the free preview videos – both to ensure that you like this form of presentation and, most importantly, to determine if your equipment/broadband reception is compatible with the download bandwidth needed to show the videos.

Having had this test run, if you would like to be part of this first Australian rollout of ‘higher level CBT training’, please complete the application form below. Rest assured that all information will be treated strictly confidentially, and will only be viewed by the UCRH online CBT team.




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