book_inside_outThere is mounting evidence that Self-Practice/Self-Reflection (SP/SR) is a great way to enhance your therapist skills – and make some valuable personal changes in the process.

Over the past 16 years James Bennett-Levy, Richard Thwaites and Bev Haarhoff have led the way with SP/SR research. Together with Helen Perry, in 2015 they published the first CBT SP/SR workbook, Experiencing CBT from the Inside Out: A Self-Practice/Self-Reflection Workbook for Therapists.

Since the publication of the 2015 CBT book, there are two further SP/SR books in the pipeline. Joan Farrell and Ida Shaw’s Experiencing Schema Therapy from the Inside Out and Kolts, Bell, Bennett-Levy and Irons Experiencing Compassion Focused Therapy from the Inside Out. Both will be published in 2018.

In 2018, we shall be offering our first ‘live online’ SP/SR programs. If you have in principle interest in being part of a self-experiential online program in Strengths-based CBT, Compassion-Focused Therapy or Schema Therapy, please register your interest on the form below. We’ll send you further details in due course.


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